This   genius man , Oleg Michailovich Pischev, can be called a contemporary Leonardo da Vinchi : a well-known artist; an original philosopher; a psychologist; an art-therapeutist, who won recognition in Europe and America; a sculpture; an architect; an expert of Japanese culture; a mason; a carpenter; a joiner; in other words an author of his own life, which is built according to the rules of Suphism, Chan-Buddhism and Kastaned’s philosophy.Most of all Oleg Pischev appreciates Creation, controlling of your states, Freedom, Freedom from everything, even from your personal history.At the moment he is the  most popular and “well-sold” artist of Kazachstan and, more than that, he is the most famous one.

         Oleg Pischev was born in August,28,1958 in Shymkent. He began to study at the  Art school when he was 6 years old. Oleg entered theArtCollegein Shymkent in 1974. After graduating from the college in 1978 he entered the faculty of Art at the Moscow Teacher’s Training Institute(MTTI) named after Lenin. He studied not only on his faculty of Art inMoscow, but in the museums too: the Pushkin’s museum, the Tretjakovka, themuseumofEastern Arts, which contained the works of all the masters of  civilization.Leningradwas not far fromMoscowwith its Hermitage and Russian museum. Oleg Pischev was allowed to work in the archives of these museums- and from opening time till the time of closing he studied the great masters’ works: the works of Rembrandt, Leonardo da Vinchi, Goya.

            There  were excellent teachers in the institute too. Thanks to Alekseeva Vera Vasilevna, who taught the history of arts, Oleg Pischev fell in love with Eastern Arts, in which Art lived together with Philosophy, Psychology, Politics and Fighting Arts, forever.

            He spent Saturdays, Sundays, vacations inLeningrad’s museums. Oleg Pischev took lessons from the great masters, he liked the impressionists most of all: K.Mone, E.Mane, Sezann, Bonnar. After finishing the MTTI Oleg leftMoscowfor his native Shymkent.

             Oleg won the second prize in the International Sculpture Competition in1986.Later, in 1987, he became a member of the Avangardists’ group”Green Triangle” in Almaty. 

             Oleg won the first prize in  Almaty in 1989,on one of the most famous and crowded exhibition “The Cross – Roads . The Informal Searches of Kazachstan’s      Artists’’. Some of his works were exhibited there :”The Boar’s Castration”,

“The Drama”. His works and interview were published by the magazine the ”The Space” after the exhibition. The phrase “Pischev overfilled Almaty with his paintings” was the evidence of the fact that the critics paid much attention to him.

            The exhibition of the authors of “Green Triangle” took place in the galery “Ular” in Almaty in 2000.It was devoted to the 10th jubilee of the group.The exhibition was highly valued by the American collectors and art historians Norton and Nancy Dodge, who bought some of Pischev’s works for their museum “Jane Voorhees Zimmerly Art”, “The Boar’s Castration” was among those works. This painting is a metaphor of the genius’s castration, the castration of Creation by critics, pedagogues, psychiatrists and administration of all the kinds and times.

            The constant appreciation of his works in the international competitions…The constant appreciation of his works by the collector of the USA, Belgium, Holland, France, Korea, The Check Republic…His works are being looked for and appreciated. Patricia Kaas visited the competition “Asia Dausy” in 1995. She liked his works “The Girl with a Nest” and “The Girl with a Hen” very much. The organizers wanted to present her  these works without any payment to Pischev. The artist didn’t agree, but the works became famous forever.

                Oleg Pischev was always a “many-handed”, “many-styled”, unfortold, in other words, a real Creator, who surpassed  himself every day.

                Working with children in oncological centre,  Pischev came to the idea that Arts influences their health well. Creation is that Power, which is able to mobilize the organism for the struggle against illness. He watched the children’s eyes shining with joy, he watched the children laughing, forgetting their pain. All these observations were collected in the studio, the visitors of which noticed the better changes in themselves, in their characters too. Oleg Pischev had new ideas during his work, so he infected the whole city with body-art.

                 Oleg Pischev had been working at the republic PsychiatryHospitalfor 2 years with a social program, devising his own unique method of art-therapy, which was highly valued on the International Psychological Congresses in Canadain 1996 and in Swedenin 2000. He got the 2nd high education in 1998, having finished the Psychological faculty at the Moscow State University (MSU).He felt that the creative works of such psychologists like L.S.Vygotskii, M.Ericson, G.Heily were relative from the point of view of psychology. He registered the only Centre of Art Therapy in the republic in 1997. He worked with the people, who had bronchial asthma, allergy, depression, family problems, etc. The appreciation came again not in the native country, but inRussia, theUSA, where the patients came from.

                  Nevertheless Oleg Pischev is an artist first of all.He paints giving birth to new ideas every day, trusting and listening to the unconscious.

                 In 1997 he had a dream, where he saw a great many of his paintings, exhibited in the gallery. Those were the paintings, symbolizing the return of lost values and achievements in art: the deepest wisdom of Eastern Art, philosophy of Impressionism, the Japanese delicate feeling of color. Having been awoken, he felt a great desire to paint all these pictures and created his famous series “Renaissance”. Thinking about that dream, he realized that the time of rebuilding and underground  had finished and the time of eternal values had come. But Oleg Pischev, as any real genius, always leaves the time behind. He wasn’t understood and accepted again. But he was highly rated by real judges. He became the most famous and was much in demand.

           New fine exhibitions followed the previous ones.

The famous art historian A. Sinenkii from  Prague   Wrote: “ the images of Oleg   Pischev are the images of the past  time. The reality of nowadays, tightly connected with the quick streaming life, attracts his attention only in the way it can give a slight idea of the topic, but the topic itself is taken from the mist of the past. And no matter what is personified by him in his

talanted, delicate and stylish paintings: harem’s beauties, or earthly women, or the personages of the Renaissance or the Silver Century- they are all the personages of the past days and they prove that his eyes are on the back of the head and look backwards. It is not surprising that his glance travels in the mist of the gray olden times: we live between two centuries, and the other things surprise, which are the delicacy, tact, generalization and wholeness of his imagination. We are surprised with his investigation in art, when he creates complete and bright images of the past time with the help of the least, a little color, a little plastic arts. Pischev’s paintings are stylized paintings, but they are irreproachably “tasty” things and his stylization is a phenomenon of the highest rank, based on a solid aesthetic training and strong original world-outlook”.

              His art differs with its special energy, light energy, and a special inner light- a skill, which is given to the chosen ones. His art is not only the  energy, but it is a creative research; high values: investigation in art; excellent, almost Japanese, feeling of colors,  lines,  composition;  ability to transport a man to a special hypnotic condition of the mind with the help of these colors, lines .

               Very many people hear  the music in his paintings. This must be because of the music he listens to while working, an innocent light music by  Gendel, Mozart, Bach. He is able to make an image out of sounds, feelings,  dreams, spirit. You enter his studio as if enter love. One of the paintings in gold- red tones, portraying a beautiful woman, holding a golden garden on  her head,  is called: “ Eternity Gilded with Love”. The painting near it is a strict woman in a dead collar with “ deadly”   combed hair and a prim flush, she   is over the clouds  against the background of the eternal skies and with a flock of free girls on her head. Women? There are lots of them in Pischev’s paintings. A woman is equal to a passive principle of nature. She has three main aspects: first, she is a siren or a monstrous creature, charming and leading the men away from the evolution. Then she is a mother, or a home-land, or a mother-land, who is correlated with the unrevealed aspect of logic and unconsciouseness. Thirdly, she is a strange girl, or a feminine part of man’s soul. All the allegories, built on the personification of the women, keep the three aspects. Thanks to this, the woman presents a complex arch-typical image. When the woman presents a part of  man’s soul, she stands higher than the man, as she reflects the highest and purest qualities of his being. In her lowest forms of Eve or Helen – the instinctive and emotional aspects- the woman stands lower than the man. Probably, she has her most characteristic role exactly here- she  is a temptress, involving downwards, a symbol of the inconstant, inconsistent and, may be, hypocritical. This must be the reason of all the famous painters’ depicting women. Remember  Leonardo da Vinchi’s madonas, Ruben’s women, Gogen, Raphael…There are no exclusions here to make the list shorter! Oleg Pischev shows the women in all the roles: in the role of a temptress, in the role of a mysterious and unknown woman, a woman-mystery, connected with an eternal mystery and a solution in it like in nature. Pischev has a cycle of paintings, connected with the desire of changes and moves. There are more than 10 works, and they all have one name “ The Theft of Europe”. Europes-Eves, calling to the unknown gulf of emotions.

                In his paintings you can feel the connection with an ancient philosophy, psyche, you can listen to your own state, where there are Eternity, Nature, Perfection and Gladness.

                One more element is a woman’s naked leg. This is a symbol of man’s connection with the earth (the woman and the earth are connected by the energy Inj – and this connection is perfect and harmonious in the paintings). More than that the sun rays became equal to the feet in the mythology of some countries. Afoot is also a symbol of  soul, this must be because the foot doesn’t allow the person to fall down. A foot means a straightening, raising and support in Egyptian system of hieroglyphs. It means assurance and prosperity in some traditions. So Oleg Pischev’s paintings are based on high, perfectly genius symbols, which match each other.  That’s why we feel ourselves elevated and calm, looking at the painting. Birds appear often in Pischev’s works, giving us the feeling of a swift flight. The feeling of purity and height appears because the bird is also a symbol of spirituality. The bird personifies soul or angels, magic support, thought or a flight of fantasy. Birds symbolize the highest rungs of human beings, according to the Hindu tradition. Singing and speaking birds symbolize pangs of love in many tales. A blue bird is a symbol of the unreal – like a blue rose. Trees are the symbols of life in space: the symbols of artist’s growing, spread, Conception and Rebirth. The tree presents life and immortality, also the world’s center, as it has the vertical form. The tree symbolizes longevity and fertility in a Chinese tradition.

                In fact, such representation of high and harmonious symbols is a rare phenomenon, as it demands not only a special degree of artist’s education and soul’s richness, but special skills to extract these eternal images from the depths of the unconscious. And, of course, the main thing is a skill to portray these images on the canvas. This is Chan-Buddhist principle not to break the rules of nature.

                It is known that the presence of pure arch-typical forms  and their harmonious perfect combination sprawn liberating of  energy, purification, elevation, filling up with light energy, coming from the paintings. And this is the rare feeling with what Oleg Pischev’s works are filled.

                Oleg   Pischev.  

       Was born in1958 inShymkent.

1978              graduated  from theArtCollegein Shymkent.

1983              graduated from the faculty of art at MTTI.

1983              the exhibition of young artists inMoscow.

Since  1984 the early participation in the exhibitions.   

1987       the participant of the exhibition “The Cross-Roads”.

1991              the International Art Competition prize-winner inTashkent.

1997       the Personal Exhibition in “The Blue Gallery” in Almaty.

1998       the Personal Exhibition in the museum named after Kasteev, in


1999       the Exhibition “U.Koshkin’s Collection”, the Historical museum.

               1999      the Personal Exhibition inPrague(theCheckRepublic).                             

2000      the participant of the Retro-exhibition “The Green Triangle”.

2001      the participant of the UNESKO exhibition ”The Artist and the                                                                                                                                                                                  

             World’s Culture”, the museum named after Kasteev, Almaty.


 The gallery “The Rostrum”, in Almaty.

2001       The exhibition in the Russian Embassy in Almaty.

2001-2002. Apersonal exhibition with catalog presentation in the “Trebune” gallery in Almaty.

2002      the Personal Exhibition in the gallery “ARK”,in Almaty.

2003. Apersonal exhibition “Unknown Pischev” in the “Ark” gallery in      Almaty.

2003.A personal exhibition “The life of free horses” in the central exhibition hall in Almaty.

2005. Aparticipant at an exhibition dedicated to sixtieth anniversary of the   museum named after Kasteev, Almaty.

2005. Apersonal exhibition “Inner light” in the central exhibition hall in Almaty.

You can see his work in American museum “Jane Voorhees Zimmerli Art” and a Czech’s “Blue” The private collectors of USA, Korea, Germany, France, Czech, Holland and Finland have his works in their collections .


You can buy the paintings in the Oleg Pishev’s Art gallery. You also can order a pictorial portrait, an artistic wall decoration for your flat, house or office. All this things will give you happiness, joy, positive energy, help to get harmony in your life or invite you on the trip to an alternative reality. The book “Trans Master” can be a good present for you, which you also can order and buy from us with the author’s autograph.



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